Biodiversity Management and Planning

For your biodiversity management and planning project, Nextera will work to mitigate impacts wherever wildlife and humans interact. We use field data on flora and fauna to prepare a baseline assessment on which to predict future change, and the resilience of the ecosystem to accommodate such change. During the field assessments, we identify species and habitats using the IUCN nomenclature, survey populations and assess the overall quality of the ecosystems. Geographic information systems and satellite imagery is used to present information which allows clients to make informed and responsible decisions resulting in least environmental impacts.

Nextera keeps abreast of biodiversity and conservation issues and works with clients to help them achieve project outcomes that meet IFC Performance Standard 6. This level requires attention to a suite of diverse compliance issues including landscape and local-scale biodiversity offsets, ecological impact avoidance, biodiversity monitoring, invasive species management and the avoidance of situations where induced access might occur.

We focus on attainment of best practice and implementation of the mitigation hierarchy at appropriate levels and project phases, especially with regard to avoidance and management of biodiversity impacts.

The biodiversity monitoring services we offer include:

  • Monitoring biodiversity to analyze conditions prior to development
  • Development and implementation of plans to manage biodiversity at proposed project sites during the developmental stages
  • Applying geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies to collect data on the biophysical environment inaccessible by traditional assessment methods
  • Combine traditional field surveys with modern technologies to map wildlife and vegetation habitats, assess potential for fragmentation, and determine probable changes over time
  • Identify species, survey populations, and forecast landscape changes to help assess the effects of project development on biodiversity

With our years of experience in protected areas management, the Nextera consulting team can provide you with a range of land management services, from the development of complete management plans to ecological assessments and guidance. Our team will liaise with you to apply the latest methodologies, strategies and examples of good practice to ensure an effective outcome for your environmental management project.

Examples of Biodiversity Management and Planning Project

  1. Preparation of the National Biodiversity Policy, Government of Belize and the United Nation’s Development Program (UNDP)
  2. Rapid Ecological Assessment Proposed Vaca Falls Hydroelectric Site (Macal River, Cayo District, Belize), Belize Electricity Limited
  3. Preparation of Management Plan for the Sarstoon Temash National Park. Sarstoon-Temash Institute for Indigenous Development (SATIIM) and the Global Environmental Facility (UNDP)
  4. Land Use Planning Project for 3 Pilot Communities under the Land Management Program, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  5. Establishment of a Program for the Consolidation of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (Project RLA/97/G31, Mesoamerican Biological Corridors
  6. Preparation of management plan for harvesting of Big Leaf Mahogany from the Wild, Yalbac Ranch and Cattle Corporation
  7. Establishment of a Program for the Consolidation of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (Project RLA/97/G31), Mesoamerican Biological Corridors Program