Environmental Due Diligence, Auditing and Monitoring

Nextera provides a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring and consultancy services to help your company fulfil its legal obligations and comply with environmental regulations. As a client, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Belizean environmental legislation and familiarity with international best practice.

Our team provides national coverage and tailored services including site investigation, sampling and analysis, monitoring and interpretation. Our environmental due diligence and auditing covers water, liquid and solid waste, biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

Environmental due diligence audits help clients to identify potential environmental liabilities prior to undertaking or assuming certain responsibilities or obligations. It enables companies to assess the impact of their organization on the environment and to check mandatory environmental standards and voluntary requirements.

Our environmental due diligence assessments include:

  • Phase 1 environmental site assessment,
  • Phase 2 characterization study,
  • Inventory of recognized environmental, health and safety issues,
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive environmental management plans that set out protocols for working with the environment.

Nextera conducts environmental audits of organisations and sites to assess risks to the environment, and potential breaches of environmental permits and regulations. We evaluate and help you manage the risk of environmental harm caused by existing or proposed developments. Monitoring environmental indicators and planning emergency responses are vital aspects of our service.

Our audit, verification and testing services will help your company or organization to minimize its environmental impact and improve its sustainability performance. In addition, we can assist clients to develop their Environmental Management Systems in preparation for ISO 14001 certification now considered mandatory in many countries.

When you choose Nextera, our experienced, independent personnel apply standardized monitoring and auditing techniques using up to date field monitoring equipment in water quality, air quality and noise.  For other test we use well established National and Mexican laboratories.

  •  Water quality
  •  Liquid waste
  •  Solid waste
  •  Environmental noise
  •  Air quality

Examples of Environmental due Diligence Auditing and Monitoring Projects

  1. Environmental due diligence Sakhalin gas pipeline project
  2. Environmental due diligence Saadi Aramco’s Jubail Oil Refinery
  3. Environmental due diligence Nigeria Liquified Natural gas project
  4. Environmental Monitoring of Scarlet Macaws and other Flagship Species within proposed MRUSF Flood Zone, Cayo District, Belize
  5. Environmental Audit Phillip S. W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA) Belize District, Belize